Best Cosmetics Products Manufacturer in India

Aura Herbal Pvt. Ltd. has over 7 years of expertise and has become one of India’s top manufacturers of cosmetics in India. Because of our proficiency and dedication to quality, we have been able to team up with licensed production facilities that use the latest technologies, making us a premier maker of cosmetics. Production of personal care products, skincare products, and haircare products is one of our many services. We are the greatest cosmetic products manufacturer, and our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing high-quality goods that satisfy the expectations of our clients. Cosmetic contract manufacturers also play a pivotal role in growing the industry. We are known for doing:

Production Under Skilled Team
Product and Packaging Selection
Customized Formulation
Product Registration and Approvals
PLC-Based Fully Automatic Manufacturing
Art Work & Content Writing

Our Range

Face & Skin Care

Hair & Body Care

Men/Baby & Hygiene Care

Body Care
Baby Care
Face Care
Men’s Care
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Aura Herbal is a leading cosmetics products manufacturer, providing custom formulations and private label manufacturing services. We provide customized manufacturing and packaging services tailored to your needs. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Private Label

If you want to launch your cosmetic or skincare range in the market, it is highly recommended to take Aura Herbal help as your private label cosmetics company.

private label cosmetics manufacturer

Contract Manufacturing

From among various contract manufacturing companies cosmetics market has seen Aura stand out because of such excellent qualities, and we are a favourite among small-scale businesses and startups as well.

Contract manufacturing

Custom Formulation

Our customers can select options from our successful Stock of Formulations or have our knowledgeable team create one for their preferred products that will sell well. They can also collaborate with freight forwarders.

Custom Formulation

Customized Packaging

We at Aura Herbal have a network of dependable packaging providers so that our customers can select from a variety. To assist customers in selecting the best packaging alternatives for their products, our team also offers professional advice and recommendations.

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Product Testing


Package Design


Manufacturing & Packaging


Product Shipping




Pet jars – 50g , 100g, 150g, 200g, 500g

Glass jars – 50g, 100g, 150g

Pet Bottles – 50ml , 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300m.

Glass Bottles – 30ml , 50ml, 100m


5 Layer Tubes – 50g , 100g, 150g, 200g

5 Layer Printed Tubes – 50g , 100g, 150g, 200g

Lami Tubes – 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g



Cruelty Free


Dermatologically Tested

Non Gmo

Sulphate Free

Silicone Free

Paraben Free

Petro Product Free



The beauty industry is witnessing an era of innovation, and at the heart of this innovation are cosmetic product manufacturers in India. The volume of online searches for the top beauty manufacturing companies is high. However, the user’s quest gets over at Aura Herbal. Our serious and thorough efforts in the manufacturing and exporting processes set us apart from the competition. As manufacturers seek flexibility and performance, third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India like Aura Herbal are gaining prominence.

Aura Herbal is now a recognized brand among the top third party cosmetic manufacturers in india. Orders of any size from our clients and customers can be handled by our cutting-edge production facility, which is equipped with advanced manufacturing tools and procedures. According to client and consumer needs, we are quick enough at producing a variety of cosmetic product lines. Our production facilities guarantee on-time delivery and follow the principles of lean manufacturing.


At Aura Herbal, we strive to use only the most pure extracts, ingredients, and essential oils in our products. Our formulas are made to absorb quickly by the skin. We are dedicated to not using any harmful chemicals or testing on animals in any of our goods. Our cosmetics are free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, and other pollutants. We exclusively make use of skin-safe ingredients that have received certification. The exceptional quality of our goods is ensured by up to 98% natural content of some of our formulas.


Per GLP standard Lab functioning as ds

In-house research on new products.

Stability test on products

Viscosity test on products

PH balance test on products




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    Our products have managed to impress people beyond geographical barriers!

    Best Cosmetics Products Manufacturer in India

    Here are just a few of the reasons we are considered the best cosmetics products manufacturer in India:

    Best Herbal Products

    Herbal cosmetic products are generally considered the best and the safest as they have been used by humanity for centuries across various cultures. We are the best cosmetics products manufacturer in India when it comes to herbal cosmetic products. The resurgence of herbal cosmetics manufacturers in India reflects a growing preference for herbal components.

    No Toxins

    Another reason we are considered the best cosmetic manufacturing company in India is because we ensure that the products are completely free from any known toxins. Moreover, since our products are almost entirely herbal, they don’t use industrial materials that might prove harmful. Infusing herbal ingredients and Ayurvedic formulations into cosmetics, Ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers in India are harnessing the power of ancient learning.

    Customisation and Formulation

    While you will find all types of products in our catalogue, we still allow our clients to customise them. Similarly, we are also the best cosmetics products manufacturer in India based on the formulations provided by the clients.

    An Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

    One of the concerns many enterprises are going with third party manufacturing cosmetics is related to quality. Aura Herbal has proven a dependable partner exactly because of our steadfast commitment to quality.

    Fast Delivery

    Another reason we are considered the best cosmetic manufacturing company in India is our lean manufacturing products, which help us deliver products on time for every single order.

    State-of-the-art Facility and the Best Team

    Aura Herbal stands out among various cosmetic manufacturers in India because of its state-of-the-art facility. Apart from the top manufacturing facility, we also have the best team in the industry that enjoys the highest level of expertise.

    Cost-effective Products

    As one of the top herbal cosmetic manufacturers, Aura Herbal not only manufactures the best products but also takes pride in availing them at the best prices, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

    Choose the Packaging Option You Like

    As one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in India, Aura Herbal lets you choose your pick of the packaging options. Aura Herbal offers dozens of packaging options, and we recommend choosing multiple packaging options so that your customers can buy their products in the packaging size and type of their choice.

    Product Life Cycle (PLC) Management

    Another reason Aura Herbal has made its name as a third party manufacturing cosmetics is that we have comprehensive product life cycle management plans. That helps us ensure that our cosmetic products and our clients using them are always ahead of the curve.

    Continuous Research and Development

    Even though we guarantee complete satisfaction to our clients, that doesn’t stop us from researching and developing new products to ensure that we remain the best herbal cosmetic manufacturers.

    Best for Exports

    We are the best cosmetics products manufacturer in India and third party cosmetic manufacturers in India when it comes to manufacturing cosmetic products for export.

    All Types of Cosmetic Products

    We are the best cosmetic manufacturing company in India for all types of cosmetic products, including products meant for skin, hair, personal care products meant for men, women, children, and even animals. We are one of the most versatile herbal cosmetic manufacturers, offering you the choice of products with different main herbal ingredients.

    Market-Ready Products

    From manufacturing to packaging to delivery, Aura Herbal is one of the few cosmetic manufacturers in India who will do it all to produce market-ready products. Thus, you only have to focus on marketing and promoting your products; Aura Herbal shall handle the production side.

    Always Eager to Talk

    Aura Herbal, Cosmetic items manufacturer in India, understands that third party manufacturing cosmetics should always be approachable to its clients. We are always eager to answer any questions and queries you may have.

    Connect with us for more details and how we can help. We will be glad to assist you.


    With a wealth of experience spanning over 7 years, Aura Herbal Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a leading manufacturer of cosmetics products in India. Due to their exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, they have forged partnerships with authorized production facilities employing cutting-edge technologies. As a result, they have emerged as a leading manufacturer of top-tier cosmetics. They offer a wide range of services, including the production of personal care products, skincare products, and hair care products. 

    Aura Herbal is renowned as the leading third-party cosmetics manufacturer in the industry. With a team of exceptionally skilled professionals, they are committed to delivering top-notch products that consistently exceed the expectations of their valued clients. Aura Herbal is renowned for its exceptional production capabilities, led by a highly skilled team. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous product and packaging selections and their ability to create customized formulations tailored to their client’s needs. 

    To top it off, their captivating artwork adds an alluring touch to their products, further enhancing their appeal. These were some outstanding arguments for picking Aura Herbal over other brands.

    To assure the quality of pharmaceutical goods, including herbal medicines, quality control is essential throughout the production process. One of the most crucial instruments for this approach is good manufacturing practices (GMP). A quality management system’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) component makes sure that goods are routinely produced and managed to the quality requirements necessary for their intended use as well as those imposed by the marketing authorization. 


    As a leading private-label cosmetics company, Aura Herbal is dedicated to fully understanding the clients’ concepts by providing them with peace of mind through the inclusion of all necessary certifications, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Different businesses often have distinct principles that can lead to varying requirements. Rest assured; they provide an unwavering assurance of the superior quality of the products. 


    Aura Herbal is a reputable platform dedicated to providing exceptional private-label cosmetics products renowned for their superior quality. It’s commitment to excellence extends to their efficient delivery service, ensuring that your orders are promptly delivered to your doorstep.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with safeguarding public health through the assurance of safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, the nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting products. Numerous pharmaceutical drugs and non-prescription medications are derived from botanical sources. 


    There are notable distinctions between herbal supplements and FDA-regulated purified ingredients in terms of their composition. The process of registration entails the FDA being informed about the manufacturer and their devices. It is against the law for the device’s maker to make any claims that the device is “FDA Cleared” or “Approved,” and it is also against the law for the device’s manufacturer to use the FDA logo in any marketing or labelling materials for the device. 


    Aura Herbal offers all-inclusive documentation services and assures the acquisition of necessary permissions from drug departments, all while adhering scrupulously to the criteria set out for medicine and aesthetics.

    At Aura Herbal, they prioritize consumer safety above all else. Their cosmetic products are meticulously formulated to effectively safeguard against any potential contamination caused by microorganisms. Bacteria, yeasts, and moulds are consistently found on the skin and in the surrounding air. Contaminants have the potential to infiltrate products during regular usage. 


    Aura Herbal meticulously selects safe and highly effective ingredients for their exceptional range of skincare products. They understand the paramount importance of these ingredients in promoting optimal skin health. Synthetic ingredients in products have been associated with various adverse effects, including allergies, skin irritation, and potentially even cancer. 


    Aura Herbal’s range of products boasts a selection of natural and safe ingredients that provide a gentle touch to the skin and offer a host of additional benefits. These ingredients are carefully chosen for their antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects, ensuring that your skin receives the utmost care and nourishment it deserves. The ingredients utilized by Aura Herbal consist of a harmonious blend of both natural and safe substances strategically combined to achieve the desired outcomes. 

    Aura Herbal Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering high-quality products that consistently exceed the expectations of its valued customers. They offer tailored private label services for haircare products, skincare products, and personal care products to various brands and retailers. Their team diligently employs various strategies to meticulously design, develop, and manufacture product lines that are expertly coordinated and precisely tailored to fulfil the requirements of their esteemed customers. 

    Aura Herbal’s quality control methodology includes comprehensive and continuous testing throughout the formulation and development phase, enabling them to achieve and maintain the utmost quality standards. All of the products produced by their company are free of parabens, silicones, and sulphates. All of their manufactured products undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure that no animals are involved in the testing process. 

    Aura Herbal exclusively utilizes natural ingredients in manufacturing their diverse range of products, proudly establishing themselves as a Made in India company. They can support all processes or solely those you have selected. Aura Herbal assures complete confidentiality throughout all stages of cooperation, which is further reinforced by a formal agreement.