Avoiding dubious labels when choosing private label cosmetic manufacturers

Several traditional marketing practices have been considered dubious and misleading. And that involves displaying wrong or misleading information displays. Cosmetic companies have an ethical obligation to follow the best practices when developing their labels, and choosing the right cosmetic private label manufacturers is a crucial step for that.

The following are some of the ways in which a private label can be misleading:

  •   Vegan does not mean herbal

The adjectives ‘vegan’ and ‘herbal’ are often interchanged, but they refer to two very different qualities of the products. Vegan only means that animals or their products were not used in developing them. That doesn’t necessarily mean the products were made completely or even partially from herbs. Inorganic chemicals might have been used for the purpose.

Similarly, a label like ‘made using ayurvedic methods’ may mean herbal but doesn’t necessarily mean hundred percent herbal as the ayurvedic recipe may have been modified to add chemicals.



  •   Highlighting the use of organic substances over others

For good and ethical reasons, customers prefer organic products. However, ‘organic products’ is a vague concept. Only products made entirely of organic ingredients truly deserve the label.

Some private label cosmetic products companies add labels like ‘made from organic oils’ – simply put, that only means while the oils were organic, there might be other inorganic substances.

  •   Pretensions to be natural

Another way a private label cosmetics company may try to mislead you is by suggesting that its products are hundred percent natural without actually saying so. That can be done through claims like ‘paraben free.’ While paraben is a known toxic chemical and a product should be paraben-free, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no other toxic substances in the product. Further, ‘paraben free’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘completely natural.’ Similarly, a label like ‘made from natural herbs’ is misleading as though it may have natural herbs; it might also have other chemicals in it. Only a product made completely from natural substances deserves the claim of being natural.

Tips for choosing private label cosmetic manufacturers with better labelling practices

The following tips shall help one choose the cosmetic private label manufacturers that don’t resort to such dubious practices:

  • Check the ingredients of the products from the cosmetic private label manufacturers. Ensure that no factory-made chemicals are used. The labels of products should clearly mention them or lead one to a website where one can learn about them easily.
  • Get the samples of private label cosmetic products checked in a third-party lab to ensure that the composition of the products is the same as claimed.
  • Ensure that all, not only some, of the ingredients of private label cosmetic products are natural and organic.
  • Check the quality and other third-party certifications of private label cosmetic manufacturers.
  • Go for a private label cosmetics company that can also help you in creating clear, concise and attractive labels.

All these tips shall help one find a private label cosmetics company with which they can market products without resorting to dubious marketing practices.

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